Frequently Asked Questions


Is the Queer Sanctuary a space only for folks, who identify as Queer?

No. This Sanctuary is for anyone that is open & seeking to divert from limiting, normative, oppressive practices/mentalities, is welcome & encouraged to join and use this space.

Is the Queer Sanctuary affiliated with religion or religious institutes?

No & No. The Queer Sanctuary is a neutral space, where religion is not professed or imposed.

Will the Queer Sanctuary address be made public?

No, this information will not be publicised. The reason behind this decision is for safety & privacy. A process of introduction to the space will be implemented for a collective understanding & transparency in navigating shared space - assumptions are asked to be left at the door.

Surprise/unannounced visits will not be welcomed nor accommodated.

If it's an emergency, please contact us via the Emergency Line
(to be made available once the sanctuary is officially open)

Who owns the land where the Queer Sanctuary is established?

The land is privately owned.

Nonetheless, as soon as Kura Alma’s legal entity is concluded. A legal binding contract (for indefinite time) will be signed, with all the agreements that safeguard the Land from potential capitalist & anti-collective, or other misusage that does not align with Kura Alma’s ethics.

This contract will be a public document.

What are the prospects of the inauguration of the Queer Sanctuary?

Our aim is to launch the Queer Sanctuary by the summer of 2025.

What is the policy for animal companions?

Cat/Dogs will need to be socially friendly/non-reactive towards humans or any other beings within the premises.

Though there will be areas, where these wonderful companions cannot enter (Spiritual Gardens & Sustain Section).


What facilities does the Resident Area have that differ from the communal accommodations?

The Resident Area is for permanent residents that live & work, at the Queer Sanctuary. The intention behind this is to attempt minimising a possible saturation/burn out.

These folks are immersed in nourishing and maintaining the space, it is essential to provide the needed facilities to meet their needs of privacy & space.

Will there be plumbing?

Yes. All details will be made available on the website once the blueprint is complete.

Where will you get your materials?​

Locally; however, we will accept non local sources, depending on the budget available & the carbon footprint impact.

Will the Queer Sanctuary be willing to compromise sustainable materials for cheaper/easier/more available materials, or are sustainable materials mandatory?

Sustainable materials are mandatory. It is vital to respect & prioritise in protecting the well being of the Land.

What circumstances (like weather & crew size) each building project needs?

This is not yet currently known, however before initiating any infrastructure, a detailed schedule & daily routine guide, within the variables that are under our control, will be created.

What will be built first?

The first area to be built, will be the Residential Area.

Prior of any construction, a list of what will be built will be posted online in Kura’s Alma website & Instagram.


How does Kura Alma plan to create sources of income?

Some of the speculated sources are the following:

Local/EU Grants/Subsidies
Studios Rental
Selling of Merchandised/ Produce

How expensive will be to stay at the Queer Sanctuary?

This is a critical priority to the Queer Sanctuary - access to all types of budgets. We are working hard towards creating an autonomous cycle to minimize the dependency of expensive services.

Different price scales for different budgets. No one is to be left behind due to financial reasons, that is the direction we strive for.

Say hi!

Whether you feel you want to be part of Kura Alma, want to visit or just want to talk to someone, we’re here for you.

We try to reply as fast as possible but sometimes it takes us longer, thank you for your patience.