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Different residencies for different needs

At the Queer Sanctuary, we wholeheartedly believe that "one size does not fit all," and we celebrate the uniqueness of each individual. Just as no two twins are identical, we recognise and honor the distinct essence of every person who enters this space.

Our approach to creating a welcoming environment is founded on humility, transparency and appreciation. We embrace diversity and welcome the contributions that each person brings to the space. Whether you seek rest, self-reflection, or connection, we have designed different residencies to cater to the different needs folks may have.

Residency options*

*Residencies will be available upon the inauguration of the space.

Transitional Residency

A short / temporary length of stay. Aiming to support folks that are in between life chapters / unsure of the foreseeable future. Thus, granting some time to figure out the next steps for their journey.

Experimental Residency

The intention of this residency is to grant the opportunity to experience & discern, if living at the Queer Sanctuary is what one may be seeking. It is required to go through this residency, prior to applying for permanent residency.

Permanent Residency

This residency involves an agreement where all living conditions & responsibilities are discussed and agreed upon. Please keep in mind that this is a 4 year commitment.

Creative Residency

A residency that invites individuals or groups to embody their meaning of creativity; leaving plenty of space to experiment with aspects of themselves, they might not dare / have the opportunity to embrace otherwise.

Standby Residency

For those who just want to come, rest, roam wild & free, sleep, stare into the horizon, socialize, not socialize - you get the point. This is typically a short stay (up to 4 weeks).

Uniquely Yours Residency

A residency customized to all your needs.
A co-creation between you, our team & the Land.

Urgent Residency

This residency is intended to provide immediate relief for specific calamities regarding life threatening and/or persecution of an individual. A 24/7 phone line will be available, for the possibility to reach us anytime.

Our Approach to Co-Living

Our approach to co-living is centered around fostering a nurturing and more inclusive community, where individuals can thrive and find a sense of belonging while embracing their most authentic selves.

We believe that co-living goes beyond sharing physical spaces; it is about building meaningful connections and supporting each other's growth.

Guided by the principles of community, respect, support, and conscious living. At the Queer Sanctuary, co-living is not just a living arrangement; it's a transformative experience encouraging personal growth and connection.

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