Vision & Intentions

May we inspire each other to embrace the audacity of showing up for ourselves.


Kura Alma is a movement that actively seeks to contribute to a sustainable, safer & more inclusive existence.

Our vision is of a world that cherishes individual freedom at its best and contributes to an inclusive society that not only embraces difference; but welcomes human diversity, while finding harmony within. 

While accompanying the constant social and technological evolution, aligned with environmental conscious practices that contribute to a more sustainable future.



Any gender/sexual expressions, age, ethnicities, ability, race, size, shape, etc, are welcome. Through diversity we succeed in building vigorous & bold environments; granting the recognition of the fundamental impact each individual carries.


May our actions leave no doubt in the transformation we strive for in systems/structures/spaces that obliterate individuals/cultures.

“No One is Free Until We All Are”


Through the practice of kindness we aim to break cycles of violence. A journey of reflection involving an ongoing commitment, in acknowledging the normalisation of appalling practices.

“The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house” - Audre Lorde.

“The process of trying to assimilate into an existing category in many ways runs counter to efforts to produce radical or revolutionary results.”

— Angela Davis

Radical influences

Behind the scenes


My name is Aurik (they/them); I identify as a Trans/Non-binary, Queer person.

I believe that every person I have crossed paths with, has enriched my journey, and therefore contributed to Kura Alma. There is one person in particular who I am very thankful to. They were able to hold space in a way that helped me feel safe and cared for, thus inspiring me to embrace my journey and confront aspects of myself that I hated, felt ashamed of and was so desperately trying to hide.

Kura Alma serves me as a reminder of the daily choice I make to embrace yet the most authentic version of myself.

May my existence scream kindness even in the most subtle ways.


My name is Fuji (they/them). It's inspiring to be part of this project aiming to create a space for personal and collective growth. As a multimedia artist, the opportunity to work in a nurturing environment aligns perfectly with my vision. Additionally, as a Queer individual and activist, I'm eager to contribute to a safer space for marginalised communities. I'm excited about hosting workshops and helping shape Kura Alma's future. I feel deeply attached and determined to contribute to this nurturing environment for personal and collective development, resonating strongly with my principles. The opportunity to be involved in something valuing both individual and collective welfare brings me great happiness.


My name is Kat (she/they). I am based in Utrecht NL, where I am thinking a lot about feelings and time. I joined Kura Alma in the hopes of creating and shaping a space where humans remember that we are a part of nature. I love the warm environment we have created within the group in the recent months and am looking forward to the future.


My name is Keiko. I am fluid in my gender / sexual orientation and I consider myself queer; navigating the un-fitness, longing to blossom in and contribute my existence to the world throughout my life.

The soil I have been searching, where my authentic self being welcomed as a seed, I find it in Kura Alma. Wishing us all finding the soil to land to grow into our own beautiful shapes. I so love to tend our soil together with you.


Matt (they/them) is a singer-songwriter, arranger and music educator based in Porto, Portugal. They have an interest in community music-making, and in bringing people together through singing. As a queer artist, they seek to recover, name and express that which has been silenced and erased - through introspection, feeling and embodiment. While often caught up in the digital world, they find it essential to dream up and construct futures where we've fallen so deeply in love with the trees, rivers, mosses, funghi, animals, and soils which nourish us, that unchecked competitiveness no longer makes sense, and is replaced by a fluid, lateral, decentralised, benevolent, empathetic coexistence.


My name is Eugen (any). I identify as queer.

A few years ago I quit my advertising job because I found it meaningless to use my time to help big corporations get even more rich. I switched to helping people bold enough to change the world for the better without necessarily capitalising on that journey — and it’s been a life changing decision.

Kura Alma is one of those very special projects that aspires to improve many lives damaged by the lifestyle capitalism forces onto us — and I honestly believe it can succeed.

I’m responsible for how Kura Alma feels and reads online and in the real world by shaping its visual identity. I make sure it’s just as sincere on the surface as it is when I talk to Aurik and Kris on our video calls.

Say hi!

Whether you feel you want to be part of Kura Alma, want to visit or just want to talk to someone, we’re here for you.

We try to reply as fast as possible but sometimes it takes us longer, thank you for your patience.